The point of sale for food trucks

Koomi helps food trucks master their rush with a system made to end lineups and wait times. With a POS designed to process high-volume orders and provide real-time reporting, it’s never been easier to manage your restaurant while you’re on the road!

“We were pretty fast before, but now with the Koomi point of sale, the orders get to the kitchen immediately – without the delay we had before. Obviously, saving as much time as possible, even seconds, is crucial when you’re dealing with crowds lining up by your truck”

Gaelle Cerf,

Owner, Grumman 78
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Features to set you up for success

See how Koomi is simple to use.

Line busting

Take orders in the line-up to end customer loss.

Kitchen display

Kitchen staff can easily track orders with ticket-less display.

Customize menus

Easily create and update menus for any quick changes.

Real-time reporting

Check your performance reports from anywhere.

Starting at $69 per month

Let us show you how to master your rush.